Live Building Systems is the first cloud based, cross-platform technology to track utility consumption and building efficiency. This smart monitoring system analyzes and diagnoses inefficiency in real time, providing solutions to reduce waste.

Live Utility Data

The LBS Cloud connects onsite smart meters, tracking water, fuel and electric data independent of utility companies. The data is then analyzed and ranked by the LBS Efficiency Monitoring System according to industry benchmarking standards. LBS allows end users to identify inefficiency immediately.

Live Building Reports

LBS water and commodity reports detailing weekly consumption, trends, and waste are sent to your management team.

Live Energy Score Card

Live Energy Score Cards provide management with a simple way to benchmark buildings, using past, present and future trends. With LBS consultation and solutions, Live Energy Score Cards can be used to achieve realistic sustainability goals.

Live Remote Monitoring

LBS remote monitoring allows you to track your buildings performance from anywhere in the world. A team of LBS professionals are dedicated to monitoring your buildings, providing support and consultation  24/7.

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