Monitoring your Boiler = Monitoring your Bottom Line


There are many ways to reduce your building’s fuel use. Let us come in to do a free evaluation of your boiler. We begin by checking if any existing monitoring panels can be brought online, and where new panels may need to be installed. With our complimentary boiler room walkthrough in combination with historical fuel usage analysis, we can identify the inefficiencies in your building and offer you the best potential ROI.


The most extensive savings from energy efficiency comes from active utility monitoring. Carleton Energy Consulting establishes that your boiler monitoring panels are up and running and operating as efficiently as possible. CEC works with the building’s staff, constantly tuning and optimizing the panels and boilers. CEC’s staff finds and resolves problems as soon as they occur and makes hourly adjustments to maximize tenant comfort and minimize fuel usage. While you are busy focusing on your core business, CEC is focused on ours, making sure your buildings operate efficiently and saving you money.


CEC maintains comfortable, not overheated, building units through constant monitoring. At the season’s end, we provide a fuel-based savings analysis that reflects necessary calculations for degree-days. Our typical results show that monitoring achieves 20% – 25% in fuel savings, year over year. Often times the ROI for our services is under one year.

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