If you are a building owner with properties over 50,000 square feet, you must comply with Local Law 87 (LL87) — the audit, retro-commissioning and report that must be submitted to the City once every ten years.

CEC is here to help:

  • We will determine when your LL87 report is due
  • Our auditing team will arrange for our in house team to survey your buildings
  • We will create a detailed report outlining the following:
    • General building information
    • Existing building equipment inventory
    • Energy end use breakdown
    • Energy conservation measures identified from the audit
  • Our in-house team will perform all necessary retro-commissioning measures, to ensure correct equipment installation and performance
  • Our auditing team will submit all required documentation to the DOB by the December 31st deadline

Our mission is not only to comply with City mandates, but to take the LL87 process one step further. Upon submission of the LL87 Energy Efficiency Report, we will meet with you to review all of the recommended energy conservation measures and subsequent ROI for implementation that are unique to your building. With your approval, our in-house team is available to perform the energy conservation measures in order to significantly reduce your building’s energy use and utility bills. 

CEC has specialized in Local Law 87 compliance since it was mandated in 2013. We handle well over 150 Local Law 87 compliance filings a year for some of the most notable firms in New York. We maintain a perfect record of reaching compliance with the Department of Buildings.

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